Meet Natalie!

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Natalie Corbett Sampson, B.Sc.H., M.Sc, S-LP (C). is a Certified Speech-Language Pathologist providing treatment and consultative services to clients with communication delays and/or disorders. She earned her bachelor’s degree in biology from Acadia University and a master’s degree in Communication Disorders from Dalhousie University. She worked with the Nova Scotia Hearing and Speech Centres with the Autism Team and with a general population before founding Family Speech and Language Services in 2004. Natalie has four school-aged children who provide real life experience with which she grounds her advice for working communication goals into daily routines. In her spare time Natalie writes novels and enjoys photography, reading and sports. Natalie has enjoyed helping families improve communication for almost fifteen years.

Here’s what people are saying about Natalie…

“Natalie has such a wonderful rapport with our son. She has encouraged him and engaged him when many others have not been able to. We see a marked difference in Alfie’s communication skills when he misses a session. He looks forward to his speech sessions and as a whole family, we are extremely grateful for Natalie’s patience and expertise.”

“Subira has Autism Spectrum Disorder and is seen by Natalie for speech therapy. When Subira started seeing Natalie, she had a significant speech delay. Natalie was patient and creative at coaxing her to start speaking. The practical advice from Natalie allowed me to continue supporting Subira’s speech development at home too.”

“My son Luc began speaking at a typical age, but did not develop his sounds properly. People did not understand what he was saying at all: only myself, my husband, and Luc’s twin sister could understand him… He was very frustrated that no one understood him.We saw other SLPs, with little to no progress. Then we began bringing him to Natalie, and our world changed. She knew exactly what to do and how to teach Luc to move his tongue and lips and mouth in order to elicit the necessary sounds. He worked hard at it, and Natalie was there to support us the whole time. To this day, years later, people still comment on how far he’s come, and we have Natalie to thank. I’m very grateful!”

“My two boys have been seeing Natalie weekly for almost six years now. More importantly than the progress that they have made, is the fact that they love coming to speech every week. They have fun in their sessions every week, while continuing to make strides in their language skills. I highly recommend her!”