Family Speech and Language Services

How do I know if my child needs Speech Therapy?

Family Speech and Language Services can help you determine if your child is meeting milestones in speech and language or if they need some extra help. Our first appointment is free, in which we can answer your questions and determine if further assessment is recommended. If your child does need speech or language therapy, we can provide thorough intervention services.

Why is Speech and Language Therapy important?

Children who are developing typically or are even ahead of their peers may have a delay or disorder in language and speech skills that can impact the way they communicate with their friends and family. You may see aggression, reluctance to talk or acting shy. Early intervention with speech and language therapy is important for maximizing development of communication skills to ensure general health in other skill sets. Good communication truly does open doors.

When should my child be assessed?

  1. If they are not meeting the following milestones:
    – 20 words by 18 months old
    – Two-word phrases by 2 years old
    – Typical use of three-word phrases by 3 years old
    – Understood 90% of the time by 4 years old
  2. If they are not pointing or waving by 18 months old.
  3. If they stutter at any time.
  4. If there is a loss of language skills that seemed mastered.
  5. If you have any concerns with your child’s communication.

We see clients of all ages including preschoolers, school-aged kids, teens and adults who are struggling with their communication.

Is the cost covered?

Speech and Language therapy is usually covered in part by private health plans. We will provide you with receipts to claim reimbursement. Remember, if you have any concerns about your child’s milestones, we would be happy to meet with you for an initial consultation at no charge.

When are you available?

Weekday appointments (including some evenings) are available. We are centrally located at the corner of Oxford and London in Halifax. Call Christian, our Offfice Manager, at 902.405.3020 (or email to make an appointment that works for you. We look forward to hearing from you today!